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It is hard to believe considering how chic they look, but rattan backpacks like these have been around on Borneo for countless generations. Traditionally they were used on hunts in the jungle, and for storing and carrying fruit, so they are very durable and water-resistant. In a modern context they work especially well as beach and market bags, or even decoration when hanged on walls. These backpacks, equally suited for exquisite resorts, urban adventures, or going off the beaten track, will be familiar to anyone who has experienced Borneo.

The traditional patterns of the rattan, made with black paint harvested from a local plant called Sompakh Piak, have deep significance in Indonesian ethnic culture. Serpentine motifs call to mind the patterns of a snake’s movements, an important symbol of the cyclical rebirth of life. Zigzag patterns symbolize infinity, while the split mango stands for plenty and fortune, in accord with the laws of nature. Linings are made using traditional Javanese batik stamp printing techniques, and the patterns are unique for each item.

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