About Us

I have been fascinated by Indonesia since the first time I put my feet on its ground, a decade ago. As a student of cultural anthropology, I returned to the island of Bali for a year to learn about local cultures. I was amazed by their humble respect for the environment and their intricate, subtle art.

When I discovered the unique basket and carpet weaving methods used by the Dayak people of the island of Borneo, my interests in anthropology and fashion finally met. I realized how much this versatile and entirely original technique has to offer to the rest of the world, and created the brand BORNEO, and my line of eco-luxury products. My vision is to introduce the western world to this ancient and unique culture that is now being threatened by deforestation and the palm oil industry.

I design resort wear for fashionable women with an ethnic flare, encapsulating the cultural heritage of this magical island. My brand’s main features are bags, accessories, and footwear made of traditional rattan. The materials are collected sustainably from the jungle and handwoven by local artisans who make each item unique with complex and meaningful geometric patterns specific to their villages.

BORNEO products are handmade, from natural materials, and a portion of the profits go to foundations working to protect the natural ecosystem of Borneo’s rainforest and support the local artisan communities.